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AMPC’s goal is to bring the very best talent to the organization.  The beauty that AMPC will deliver to our clients is that we source and screen candidates using behavioral interviewing questions to understand the candidates experience and skills.

Candidates are more likely to choose a position in which they've experienced an enjoyable interviewing process over a position with a better financial package.

AMPC's purpose is to streamline the process of recruiting for busy private physician practices and hospital group practices.  Managers and Directors who share dual roles managing and recruiting find it difficult to successfully do both. To say there are not enough hours in a day managing patients, staff and recruiting​, is an understatement.​


AMPC performs consulting services as needed/requested, advising and connecting the client with the best resources available within the Physician Recruiting Industry.

     Hourly Rate Model


AMPC will search, screen and pre-qualify potential candidates, meeting the practices recruiting specifications identified by client.

Contingency Fee Model


A combination to include candidate sourcing and a customized physician recruiting process specific to client’s specifications.  Eventually, Tier III will ​allow you to build your own in house recruiting team and completely ​alleviate the need of contracting with a third party recruiting firm.​

             Retainer Fee Model


The Candidate needs to feel the opportunity is all about them, their experience, skills and values.
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